Silentbloom Soundproof flowerpot

In an era where the perception of environment is strongly influenced by ultrafast working pace and  hectic cities, it becomes crucial to turn one's home into a place of relax and acoustic wellbeing. The efforts to isolate a house or flat from the noise of traffic and city buzz can prove to be rather expensive and not always aesthetically satisfying, especially when it comes to renovation and restoration. For example, non only double glazing and double locking do not allow to maintain the original look of antique and old doors and glasses, but they also represent some of the biggest expenses while renovating a housing space. 
The sound-proof flower box Silentbloom is a unique, practical and economic solution to problems of noise and acoustic pollution for all the spaces that face a street, such as apartments, schools, hospitals and offices. You just have to put it on your windowsill. It works with both closed and  open windows. By just making sure that the two lateral spaces between the flower box and the lower window measure less than 5 cm each, you can have a noise lowering of over 4 dB (A), up to over 6 dBat the frequency of 4000 Hz.