NVK "Slow Design"

NVK "Slow Design" principles are based on ecological compatibility, client well-being, beauty and functional elegance.

We plan and manage projects from start to finish, working to guarantee a liveable world for future generations.

Natasha Calandrino Van Kleef published her own “Manifesto of Slow Design” in 2002, which was featured in Interni magazine. Her ethos combines local production and consumption, and fosters every phase of a localised and artisanal manufacturing process. It encourages and facilitates the reduction of wastage and pollution, especially carbon dioxide emissions, and promotes holistic and intelligent design: 

- Functionality and minimisation of self-referential gadgetry 
- Facilitation of “ecological” choices and behaviours
- Durability and multi-purpose solutions 
- Provenance and traceability from raw materials to final product
- Selection of local resources and labour 
- Application of simple materials and costs reduction