Yin&Yang - Different temperatures cover

The concept of Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine)  applied to cover a double bed, taking care of both the couple and single needs.
The internal part is made of pure feather virgin duvet by DaunenStep, St. Moritz Family, in uncommon sizes and various different heath ranges. The duvets can be used singularly or in combination (one on the other or assembled), so that all needs are fulfilled, even those of the more cold-fearing “half”.
The external part, produced by Mirabello, is Ying Yang duvet cover, in Louisiana® fabric. It combines two contrasting colours that work together creating a new harmony, while suggesting different emotions. The strong graphic sign that divides and combines is inspired by the Tao symbol, representing the traditional Chinese philosophy concept of balance between the masculine and the feminine. 
Each one has it his/her way, so that you are happy together.